[First Impressions] /u/chiseledface’s very own Sherlock Shave Soap by /u/amanforallsaisons

We were discussing Sherlock, both the stories, and /u/chiseldface [1] ‘s new aftershave/soap scent in the IRC the other night, and I revealed what a big Sherlock Holmes geek I was as a teen. Chiseled offered to send me a sample of his Sherlock aftershave to try out. Not content to just be a cool guy, he included a few samples of his shave soap as well, which I got to try out tonight.

Note: I’ve used the soap once, hence the tag. But here are my initial deductions.

1. Loading

This soap wanted out of the cute metal sample tin and onto my S-brush. It loaded extremely easily. It’s a softer soap, so it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to load.

2. Lathering

I’ve been on a palm lathering kick lately, and this did not disappoint. It lathered very easily, and gave a very creamy lather with little effort. With some soaps I have almost an intermediate phase where it’s not proto lather exactly, but not face ready either. With this soap that transition was, as least for me, minimal. Proto… still proto, LATHER.

It also had great staying power in the brush. As I put my S-brush through its paces lately I find that it holds a great deal of lather deep in the bristles. As I lathered for my third pass, the lather was a bit thin. Not in consistency, just in quantity. I squeezed the brush in my hand and pulled it through my fingertips and got gobs more lather, which was at least as good as what it produced for the first pass.

3. Shave.

I usually shave every other day lately. I had however, shaved yesterday and didn’t want to wait. This was a slick shave, with good protection, even though my face doesn’t usually like shaving 2 days in a row. I could feel the cushion that I get from tallow, which is always nice, and leaves my face feeling nicely conditioned afterwards.

I got a couple of small nicks, but I honestly cannot fault the soap for that. It was the kind of thing where you can feel your technique is a bit off just a split second before you nick yourself.

4. Scent

Scent is really big for me as a shaver, especially with so many artisans producing good or great quality soap that gives you a close, smooth shave. I really like the scent on this one. I’m a fan of, for lack of a better word, “manly” shave soaps, like Roam and Leviathan. This soap really performs well here. The scent is unique, it smells great. In fact, I might have to put this into my usual rotation. It’s Victorian, but in a masculine way, not floral. I’d use this soap before a formal occasion where some of Will’s …┬áscent children might be a bit much.

Final Thoughts

I don’t go in for the supermodel scales, but I can tell you that if Watson was using this soap in the Boscombe Valley mystery, Holmes would have had no cause to accuse his shave of being “positively slovenly as we get round the angle of the jaw.”


The original review and comments on it are located here.

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