[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock: Soap and Aftershave by /u/drivenlegend

feather and CF soapJust wanted to put out my thoughts on the new stuff I picked up from Chiseled Face Groomatorium. I ordered the Sherlock soap and the matching aftershave. I’m not usually one to do reviews because I’m not very good with this sort of thing so bear with me. Razor was my Feather AS-D2 with a feather blade that was 3 shaves old at the time.


Scent: The soap has a deep earthy smell with tobacco and some lovely warm/sweet tones. One of my new favorite scents without a doubt. When lathered the earth/dirt smell comes forward in the best possible way imaginable. The aftershave had almost a FAB smell in the bottle, got me a little worried that it might be similar. When I put some on though all those thoughts were dispelled immediately. Its the perfect compliment to the Sherlock soap, earthy and deep, the smell stuck around with me in the most pleasant way for several hours. My wife commented on how good I smelled, something she usually does not notice.


Shave Cushion/Glide: The soap was quite a lot softer than I had imagined. It is probably what would be called a croap, maybe leaning a bit more towards the cream consistency side. For the brush I used my Omega Mixed Midget, slightly damp. Preshave was glycerin soap wash. All it took was a little load from the tin then straight to face lathering which resulted in an explosion of lather VERY quickly. It was plenty slick and gave a good cushion. I will say that along with some others I also noticed a slight warming sensation from the lather. I found it to be very nice and not irritating in any way shape or form. I had ample cushion as well, and more than enough lather in that little brush for more passes than were necessary.


Post Shave: Rinsed my face and hit it with the alum (no burn! which is quite uncommon for me). Rinsed again and then put on a little of the aftershave splash. Got a bit of burn of course due to the alcohol that immediately subsided. Then comes the scent. I can’t describe to you enough how much this smell is perfect for me. Dirt, leather, pepper, perfection… Left my face comfortable and moisturized feeling, every bit as good as any of my other aftershaves.


TLDR Try the stuff from Chiseled Face. Its inexpensive and excellent. I’m ordering some more now before he catches on and raises prices lol.


Original review and comments can be found here.

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