[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock Soap and AS by /u/13islucky

Okay, so this is my first review. I have seen another guys review of it, but this soap is so great, I had to do my own. I am relatively new ( Read: only started in September) and I have many soaps I need to try, as I have been very trigger happy with my soaps.

  • Scent: The scent is very good. I have never smelled pipe tobacco, so I have no idea if it is in there, but I do get a spicy scent to it, and a good dose of earthiness without some of the displeasing scents I get with B&M’s Roam and (esp.) Leviathan. Just in the tin, not lathered, you don’t get the spice as much as the soft earthy smell. Once lathered, you smell it much more powerfully, yet still not overpowering. The whole scent is mature, yet not as complex as many other artisans try to be, which I see as a good thing. I find many popular scents, like most of LASSco’s line, to be trying to have too many things going on at once, and so they all lose.
  • Lathering and Consistency: I find the soap to be more of a cream. So much in fact that I dare say it could be taken out and used as lotion, or to butter toast. So, loading is much like a cream: You take a brush, spin it around a bit, then add water till ready, instead of soaps, which often take much more time to load onto the brush. The lather is nice and slick, without being a slimy little toad-soap. It is maybe a little bit less fluffy and dense as other lathers, but it only gives a little, and keep all the cushion.
  • The Shave: This stuff makes me feel masochistic, in a good way. The pepper in it burns ever so slightly, maybe like an allergic reaction, but my Kevlar–face is not allergic to anything so-far, so I cannot say for certain how it compares to you inferior-faced primitives. The shave went well, probably the closest thing to a BBS on my neck I have ever had, mostly due to a new technique change, but I can’t say the soap didn’t help. I am also getting better at face lathering, so that may be a factor as well. The soap did not leave slimy scum on my face like others after I cold-water rinsed, and I did not feel the cold, which is a plus, because the only good cold is menthol! Great feel to my face, but the next part is where the artisan shines most…
  • Aftershave: This aftershave is awesome. It is alcohol based, and for the same masochistic reasons I love the pepper in the soap, that is a big plus. I often find that balms, lotions, and milks leave me feeling like something is missing, but this stuff does not cause that. I used a little too much, because of the bottle having a wide, non-reduced mouth, but that still made it good. My face is as soft as it has ever been, and all but my neck truly feels BBS, down to the last letter. The only fault this splash has is the bottle, having such a big opening that I absentmindedly put too much in my hand, and rather than waste it, I put it all on. Beyond that, it is my favorite aftershave to date. The scent is even better than the soap!
  • Overall: This is definitely going to be one of my favorites. I would not say it is my favorite scent ever, but I would say it is my favorite earthy scent. For when I feel like my face needs some discipline, this is the combo I will grab. Hell, I am going to look for all the soaps this AS can go with, because it is my favorite thing ever. So, without further ado and other bullshit, here is my scoring:

On my scale of couch to ultra-marathon, The soap cream is a solid Triathlon. The Aftershave, is without a doubt, a Ultra-marathon top-3 finish. I cannot say it enough, this soap Cream and aftershave combo is fantastic

P.S. This soap is so soft it has to be called a cream. No other way to do it!


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