[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock Soap by /u/sweetchippies

I should start off by saying I have not been wet shaving for very long and my only experience with soaps and creams is Latha, Arko in a tube and the NYSC Elizabeth Street that came with my Standard. That being said, I would like to share my experience with Chiseled Face’s Sherlock soap with you.

Scent: In my experience, smells can be influenced by a description, so after ordering the soap I avoided reading the description again to give an unadulterated opinion on what it smells like. To me, the pepper and caramel with some earthy/floral notes make up the bulk of the fragrance. It is definitely a mature, complex scent to my pallet and probably is not for everyone, but those who I showed it to and did like it, really liked it. At first I was taken aback, but as I smelled the soap throughout the day I slowly became addicted and now I smell it in my sleep.

Load/Lather: Since I don’t have as much experience with whipping up a good lather I’ll keep this short but I will say the soap loaded wonderfully using the dry method and created a nice slick lather on my face, at least as well as Latha and much better than any of the creams.

Shave: The first thing that I noticed was that this stuff stings. I don’t know if there is something in the soap that I am just sensitive to but it felt like a mild tiger balm for about a minute after applying. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant or unbearable, just unexpected. However, once I got used to it, I enjoyed the warm feel. The cushion was supreme, I had to make sure I was actually shaving it was so smooth. The best part about this soap was the feeling of my skin afterwards. Usually, after a shave, my skin feels a little naked and numb but not with Sherlock. BBS skin with no sensitivity, I hardly even felt the alum.

Summary: If any of you are on the fence about this soap because it is new, I wouldn’t be too worried. Sherlock smells great and most importantly, it performs wonderfully. If you have very sensitive skin or are averse to any sort of “warm” feeling maybe this soap is not for you. Otherwise, I definitely think Sherlock is worth a try.


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