[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock Soap by /u/sweetchippies

I should start off by saying I have not been wet shaving for very long and my only experience with soaps and creams is Latha, Arko in a tube and the NYSC Elizabeth Street that came with my Standard. That being said, I would like to share my experience with Chiseled Face’s Sherlock soap with you.

Scent: In my experience, smells can be influenced by a description, so after ordering the soap I avoided reading the description again to give an unadulterated opinion on what it smells like. To me, the pepper and caramel with some earthy/floral notes make up the bulk of the fragrance. It is definitely a mature, complex scent to my pallet and probably is not for everyone, but those who I showed it to and did like it, really liked it. At first I was taken aback, but as I smelled the soap throughout the day I slowly became addicted and now I smell it in my sleep.

Load/Lather: Since I don’t have as much experience with whipping up a good lather I’ll keep this short but I will say the soap loaded wonderfully using the dry method and created a nice slick lather on my face, at least as well as Latha and much better than any of the creams.

Shave: The first thing that I noticed was that this stuff stings. I don’t know if there is something in the soap that I am just sensitive to but it felt like a mild tiger balm for about a minute after applying. It wasn’t necessarily unpleasant or unbearable, just unexpected. However, once I got used to it, I enjoyed the warm feel. The cushion was supreme, I had to make sure I was actually shaving it was so smooth. The best part about this soap was the feeling of my skin afterwards. Usually, after a shave, my skin feels a little naked and numb but not with Sherlock. BBS skin with no sensitivity, I hardly even felt the alum.

Summary: If any of you are on the fence about this soap because it is new, I wouldn’t be too worried. Sherlock smells great and most importantly, it performs wonderfully. If you have very sensitive skin or are averse to any sort of “warm” feeling maybe this soap is not for you. Otherwise, I definitely think Sherlock is worth a try.


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[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock Soap and AS by /u/13islucky

Okay, so this is my first review. I have seen another guys review of it, but this soap is so great, I had to do my own. I am relatively new ( Read: only started in September) and I have many soaps I need to try, as I have been very trigger happy with my soaps.

  • Scent: The scent is very good. I have never smelled pipe tobacco, so I have no idea if it is in there, but I do get a spicy scent to it, and a good dose of earthiness without some of the displeasing scents I get with B&M’s Roam and (esp.) Leviathan. Just in the tin, not lathered, you don’t get the spice as much as the soft earthy smell. Once lathered, you smell it much more powerfully, yet still not overpowering. The whole scent is mature, yet not as complex as many other artisans try to be, which I see as a good thing. I find many popular scents, like most of LASSco’s line, to be trying to have too many things going on at once, and so they all lose.
  • Lathering and Consistency: I find the soap to be more of a cream. So much in fact that I dare say it could be taken out and used as lotion, or to butter toast. So, loading is much like a cream: You take a brush, spin it around a bit, then add water till ready, instead of soaps, which often take much more time to load onto the brush. The lather is nice and slick, without being a slimy little toad-soap. It is maybe a little bit less fluffy and dense as other lathers, but it only gives a little, and keep all the cushion.
  • The Shave: This stuff makes me feel masochistic, in a good way. The pepper in it burns ever so slightly, maybe like an allergic reaction, but my Kevlar–face is not allergic to anything so-far, so I cannot say for certain how it compares to you inferior-faced primitives. The shave went well, probably the closest thing to a BBS on my neck I have ever had, mostly due to a new technique change, but I can’t say the soap didn’t help. I am also getting better at face lathering, so that may be a factor as well. The soap did not leave slimy scum on my face like others after I cold-water rinsed, and I did not feel the cold, which is a plus, because the only good cold is menthol! Great feel to my face, but the next part is where the artisan shines most…
  • Aftershave: This aftershave is awesome. It is alcohol based, and for the same masochistic reasons I love the pepper in the soap, that is a big plus. I often find that balms, lotions, and milks leave me feeling like something is missing, but this stuff does not cause that. I used a little too much, because of the bottle having a wide, non-reduced mouth, but that still made it good. My face is as soft as it has ever been, and all but my neck truly feels BBS, down to the last letter. The only fault this splash has is the bottle, having such a big opening that I absentmindedly put too much in my hand, and rather than waste it, I put it all on. Beyond that, it is my favorite aftershave to date. The scent is even better than the soap!
  • Overall: This is definitely going to be one of my favorites. I would not say it is my favorite scent ever, but I would say it is my favorite earthy scent. For when I feel like my face needs some discipline, this is the combo I will grab. Hell, I am going to look for all the soaps this AS can go with, because it is my favorite thing ever. So, without further ado and other bullshit, here is my scoring:

On my scale of couch to ultra-marathon, The soap cream is a solid Triathlon. The Aftershave, is without a doubt, a Ultra-marathon top-3 finish. I cannot say it enough, this soap Cream and aftershave combo is fantastic

P.S. This soap is so soft it has to be called a cream. No other way to do it!


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[Review] Chiseled Face Sherlock: Soap and Aftershave by /u/drivenlegend

feather and CF soapJust wanted to put out my thoughts on the new stuff I picked up from Chiseled Face Groomatorium. I ordered the Sherlock soap and the matching aftershave. I’m not usually one to do reviews because I’m not very good with this sort of thing so bear with me. Razor was my Feather AS-D2 with a feather blade that was 3 shaves old at the time.


Scent: The soap has a deep earthy smell with tobacco and some lovely warm/sweet tones. One of my new favorite scents without a doubt. When lathered the earth/dirt smell comes forward in the best possible way imaginable. The aftershave had almost a FAB smell in the bottle, got me a little worried that it might be similar. When I put some on though all those thoughts were dispelled immediately. Its the perfect compliment to the Sherlock soap, earthy and deep, the smell stuck around with me in the most pleasant way for several hours. My wife commented on how good I smelled, something she usually does not notice.


Shave Cushion/Glide: The soap was quite a lot softer than I had imagined. It is probably what would be called a croap, maybe leaning a bit more towards the cream consistency side. For the brush I used my Omega Mixed Midget, slightly damp. Preshave was glycerin soap wash. All it took was a little load from the tin then straight to face lathering which resulted in an explosion of lather VERY quickly. It was plenty slick and gave a good cushion. I will say that along with some others I also noticed a slight warming sensation from the lather. I found it to be very nice and not irritating in any way shape or form. I had ample cushion as well, and more than enough lather in that little brush for more passes than were necessary.


Post Shave: Rinsed my face and hit it with the alum (no burn! which is quite uncommon for me). Rinsed again and then put on a little of the aftershave splash. Got a bit of burn of course due to the alcohol that immediately subsided. Then comes the scent. I can’t describe to you enough how much this smell is perfect for me. Dirt, leather, pepper, perfection… Left my face comfortable and moisturized feeling, every bit as good as any of my other aftershaves.


TLDR Try the stuff from Chiseled Face. Its inexpensive and excellent. I’m ordering some more now before he catches on and raises prices lol.


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[First Impressions] /u/chiseledface’s very own Sherlock Shave Soap by /u/amanforallsaisons

We were discussing Sherlock, both the stories, and /u/chiseldface [1] ‘s new aftershave/soap scent in the IRC the other night, and I revealed what a big Sherlock Holmes geek I was as a teen. Chiseled offered to send me a sample of his Sherlock aftershave to try out. Not content to just be a cool guy, he included a few samples of his shave soap as well, which I got to try out tonight.

Note: I’ve used the soap once, hence the tag. But here are my initial deductions.

1. Loading

This soap wanted out of the cute metal sample tin and onto my S-brush. It loaded extremely easily. It’s a softer soap, so it doesn’t take a whole lot of effort to load.

2. Lathering

I’ve been on a palm lathering kick lately, and this did not disappoint. It lathered very easily, and gave a very creamy lather with little effort. With some soaps I have almost an intermediate phase where it’s not proto lather exactly, but not face ready either. With this soap that transition was, as least for me, minimal. Proto… still proto, LATHER.

It also had great staying power in the brush. As I put my S-brush through its paces lately I find that it holds a great deal of lather deep in the bristles. As I lathered for my third pass, the lather was a bit thin. Not in consistency, just in quantity. I squeezed the brush in my hand and pulled it through my fingertips and got gobs more lather, which was at least as good as what it produced for the first pass.

3. Shave.

I usually shave every other day lately. I had however, shaved yesterday and didn’t want to wait. This was a slick shave, with good protection, even though my face doesn’t usually like shaving 2 days in a row. I could feel the cushion that I get from tallow, which is always nice, and leaves my face feeling nicely conditioned afterwards.

I got a couple of small nicks, but I honestly cannot fault the soap for that. It was the kind of thing where you can feel your technique is a bit off just a split second before you nick yourself.

4. Scent

Scent is really big for me as a shaver, especially with so many artisans producing good or great quality soap that gives you a close, smooth shave. I really like the scent on this one. I’m a fan of, for lack of a better word, “manly” shave soaps, like Roam and Leviathan. This soap really performs well here. The scent is unique, it smells great. In fact, I might have to put this into my usual rotation. It’s Victorian, but in a masculine way, not floral. I’d use this soap before a formal occasion where some of Will’s … scent children might be a bit much.

Final Thoughts

I don’t go in for the supermodel scales, but I can tell you that if Watson was using this soap in the Boscombe Valley mystery, Holmes would have had no cause to accuse his shave of being “positively slovenly as we get round the angle of the jaw.”


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